See what patients have to say about Mr. Sampath’s ability, results, and personality as a surgeon.


Simon Hargreaves

Simon Hargreaves

I am a test pilot, paid to fly all the UK’s latest high performance fighters at the edge of their flight envelope. I currently fly the Typhoon, Harrier, Tornado and Hawk. I also lead an active lifestyle away from work and play a variety of sports. In the last few years I have sustained a knee and a shoulder injury, both of which had a significant impact on my ability to lead my normal lifestyle. Mr Sampath perfromed an Arthroscopy on both problems, with total success. I had a full range of pain free movement in both joints very quickly after the operation in each case. Mr Sampath has a superb style, demeanour and bedside manner about him: he is open and honest, reassuring, extremely likeable, confident and clearly an expert in his field. I hold him in the highest regard and would cite him as a model for all those whose profession requires them to deal with people in difficult circumstances. – Simon Hargreaves

Derek Burgwin

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the operation you did for me, although I am not an overly energetic person I do feel that I now have a better quality of life after my arthroscopic debridement, I can now walk without my knee giving way, I can drive without pain and can best of all go fishing and climb down the steep steps to get to the bank. I am grateful to you and your team for the new lease on life you have given me, I have recently retired and now hope to be able to enjoy my retirement instead of being in pain. My Sincere thanks, Derek Burgwin, Manchester

ACL Reconstructions

Double Bundle Computer Aided ACL Reconstruction. Neil Cust, Manchester

Neil Cust

Good day Mr Sampath, hope you are keeping well. I just wanted to say thank you very much for all your assistance and help with my rehabilitation after you performed the COMPUTER AIDED DOUBLE BUNDLE ACL RECONSTRUCTION. I am progressing really well and I am having no problems with my knee and I know everyone heals at different speeds and I hope to be back to full fitness in the next 6 months or so.

Neil Cust

As you can see from my photo’s attached, I am able to play golf, go sandboarding and have had no problems. Mr Sampath has my permission to add the photo’s and the comments to his website. Kind regards Neil Cust, Manchester

Computer Aided Double Bundle ACL Reconstruction. Nick Spooner, Manchester

Nick Spooner

Nick Spooner

The actual operation I had was computer-aided double bundle ACL reconstruction after completely tearing the ACL whilst playing rugby. This operation did require a hamstring graft and although painful, it is now just over 6 weeks since the operation, I am off the crutches and walking normally and for the most part, pain-free. I have had several meetings with Mr Sampath and the physiotherapist and have had the recovery timeline explained to me. It surprised me how quickly my knee responded to the post-operation physio exercises and although it is early days in terms of the recovery, I can certainly feel a difference in the stability of the knee. Mr Sampath and his team have been very helpful in terms of dealing with my queries both pre- and post-op and I extend my thanks to him and his secretary, Adele.


Nick Spooner

Grahame K Goode – Computer Aided Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction

I am a Consultant Cardiologist working for the Health Service. I’ve had problems with my knee since the age of 26 following a football injury when I sustained a complete anterior cruciate ligament tear. My knee kept giving way, even when going downstairs. This was having an impact on my work as I have to stand for long periods carrying out procedures in the Cardiac Catheter Lab. Shameem Sampath identified the problem and offered me a Computer Aided Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction. This was performed in May 2006. Since this time, I have made extremely good progress following physiotherapy and my knee is stable I would happily recommend Mr Sampath to anyone who needs this operation. He is brilliant, and an expert in his field. Thanks Shameem. – Grahame K Goode Consultant Cardiologist

Andrew P. Jones – Anterior Cruciate Reconstruction

Andrew P. Jones

I am a 44 year old Clinical Scientist working for the health service. I ruptured my anterior cruciate ligament of my right knee playing 5-a-side football in September 2003. Being a keen sportsman and avid skier, usually skiing for 4-5 weeks per year, this was a terrible blow and I was very concerned regarding my future activity. Following confirmation of a complete rupture by an MR scan I attended Mr Sampath’s out-patients clinic and quickly underwent reconstruction surgery at Blackpool Victoria Hospital at the beginning of October 2003. Following a period physiotherapy and a training regimen supervised by David Roberts (physiotherapist to Lancashire Cricket Club and to amongst others Andrew (Freddie) Flintoff!), I quickly returned to fitness. David Roberts commented that my surgery was one of the best results he had seen, and he has recuperated many top cricketers, rugby and football players in his professional role. Slightly against Mr Sampath’s advice I did ski (gently!) in Canada in February 2004, some 4 months after my surgery and continue now to ski several times each year and do not require the aid of any knee supports or brace etc. I continue to visit the gym several times a week and I am now fitter, healthier and more active than I have ever been. I am very grateful for the surgical skill of Mr Sampath and for his professional attitude and the excellent care I received whilst in Blackpool Victoria Hospital. It is a fact that the technical expertise of the surgery, has resulted in the remarkable success of the reconstruction and allowed me to continue with my sporting hobbies with renewed vigour. – Andrew P Jones

Andrew Johnson – Anterior Cruciate Reconstruction

Andrew Johnson

Following 15 years of participation in many sports, most of which were non-knee friendly, I eventually ruptured my anterior cruciate ligament whilst playing football. My immediate concern was that a sedentary lifestyle would ensue and my work as Mountaineering Instructor would be the casualty. Contemplating the prospect of hanging up my ski’s, windsurfer and climbing boots was thoroughly depressing. After an initial assessment by Mr Sampath, he subsequently performed a patella tendon graft which has enabled me, following intensive postoperative physio, to have an active return to skiing, windsurfing and mountaineering. I found Mr Sampath’s informative style to be relaxing, reassuring and professional. I would not hesitate in recommending his surgical ability. – Andrew Johnson 08/05/05

Ian D. Coats – Anterior Cruciate Reconstruction

Ian D. Coats

Dear Mr Sampath, A somewhat belated update on my left knee and a big thank you for “getting my life back again”, as you put it!. .. Last week we stayed at my club hut in the Lakes and enjoyed real mountains again with no problems whatsoever. I enclose a photo of us taken on Harter Fell between the Duddon Valley and Eskdale to prove the efficacy of your skills. Once again, many many thanks for your splendid work. Yours Sincerely, – Ian D. Coats

Total Knee Replacements

Howard Kennedy, Manchester. Computer Aided Total Knee Replacement

Howard Kennedy

I am very pleased to provide the following testimonial for Mr Sampath’s website.
I initially met Mr Sampath on 3 January 2012, regarding a problem with my left knee.   It was becoming increasingly painful and affecting my daily life.  Mr Sampath wasted no time and much to my surprise, the surgery was arranged for the 17 February 2012.  Mr Sampath and his team performed the surgery which was to replacing my entire left knee joint.  It was a big operation, performed I believe exceedingly well. What reassured me were the little things Mr Sampath and his team did as well as the exceptional job on my knee.
I am now four months into my recovery.  We recently enjoyed our usual family holiday in Scotland and for the first time in two years I was able to walk on the beaches, climb the rocks and walk in the forest with my family.  Oh! and I was able to take my Grandson fishing again… not that we caught anything!  For the last few years before the operation I had been unable to take part in these special family activities. 
I would like to offer my grateful thanks to Mr Sampath and his team at the Bluespot Knee Clinic (Oaklands Hospital, Salford).  They are clearly a very skilled team and I thank them for the excellent operation they performed on my knee and the high level of care I received before my operation and after it.

Roy Ashworth, Bolton – Computer Aided Total Knee Replacement

Dear Mr Sampath,

Here is my recommendation for your website. I want to thank
Mr Sampath for the excellent knee replacement, I also would like to
thank the staff at the Oaklands Hospital for the excellent care and
attention I received there. I had the knee replacement on the 1st of
December and I was walking without crutches by early January. My wife
and I now take the dog out for country walks regularly, no problems.
So would I recommend Mr Sampath, and the Oaklands Hospital? A
resounding YES.

Mr Roy Ashworth March 2012

William Stefan, Manchester – Computer Aided Total Knee Replacement

William Stefan

I received a total Knee replacement from you at the beginning of last year I cannot begin to thank you enough. I had a Motor Bike accident 37 years ago at the age of seventeen and have been in constant pain since then I had been refused by other specialist and was at the point of giving up when you were recomended to me by my Doctor. I have spent my summer joining my wife on her many walks around the coastline and cliff tops , somthing I was unable to do before. I now enjoy a active life and have gained my confidence because not only did you replace my Knee you also made it so that I do not walk with a Limp anymore. I would like to thank you Mr Sampath and your team for giving me a new life.

Robert Slattery, Manchester – Computer Aided Total Knee Replacement

Robert Slattery

Robert Slattery

After 40 years of work in construction and many years of football,squash and windsurfing my knees had not just worn out but had angulated badly and I was in constant pain with walking severely restricted. With the only advice available from local GP`s to carry on taking pain killers and NSAIDs, I found the Bluespot Knee clinic on the internet. After consultation with Mr Sampath he advised total replacement of both knees using computer aided surgery. This was carried out by Mr Sampath and his wonderfully dedicated team. I now am two inches taller, can walk all day and completely pain free. I must give huge thanks to Mr Sampath and his team for returning an active life I thought I had lost forever. I cannot recommend the Bluespot Knee Clinic too highly.The crème de la crème.

R Smith, Manchester – Computer Aided Total Knee Replacement

In September 2010 I had a computer assisted total knee replacement performed by Mr.Sampath at the Bluespot Knee clinic and I could not be happier with the results.Within 3 to 4 months I was walking 5 miles plus, pain free and by early spring I had returned to my passion of hiking by taking three of my grandchildren up and down Kinder scout in Derbyshire. In June 2011 only 9 months after the operation I achieved a long time ambition by climbing Ben Nevis in Scotland (Britains highest peak). At 65 years of age and retired I now have the time and thanks to Mr.Sampath the mobility to pursue my hobby. The attached photograph shows me with my grandaughter at the top of kinder scout approx.6 Months after my operation. Just one final thank you to Mr.Sampath and all his team for the expert treatment I received.

R Smith

R Smith

Hazel Richards – Computer Aided Total Knee Replacement

Dear Mr. Sampath, I give my permission for Mr Sampath to use my photos of my knee on his website. The right knee replacement was done by Mr Sampath using computer aided surgery, my left knee was done by another surgeon not using computer aided surgery.

Hazel Richards - Front

Hazel Richards - Back

Hazel Richards - X-ray (front)

The difference is clearly visible. Hazel Richards Blackpool 2009

Muriel E. Robinson – Computer Aided Total Knee Replacement

Muriel E. Robinson

I am a senior citizen of 78yrs and in February 2011 Mr. Sampath performed the above surgery on my left knee. Before the surgery when I first met Mr. Sampath I was very impressed by his lovely manner. I found him very open and honest, giving me confidence to have the operation. Mr. Sampath had a lovely bedside manner and ‘people skills’ which some surgeons do not possess. After my operation nurses and physios who treated me were amazed at his work. The nurses said my wound was the neatest they had ever seen. The photo was taken at my daughter’s wedding in July 2011 and I was able to dance ‘the slosh’ which is an energetic dance. Thank you Mr. Sampath for being you and for the marvelous work you performed on my knee. Thanks also to your colleagues and nurses who really cared for me. Sincerely Muriel E. Robinson (Mrs.) Manchester

Marianne Gwillym – Computer Aided Total Knee Replacement

Dear Mr. Sampath, I am writing this letter to thank you for the fantastic job you did on my knees. As a lady in her 80’s my freedom of movement and quality of life has been vastly improved as a result of the operations you completed on both of my knees. Had it not been for you I would have probably been in a wheelchair by now. Instead I can continue to be self sufficient and even manage to get out and tend to my garden. Both knees are great and the work you did can only be described as first class. I would gladly recommend you to anybody with knee problems as you must be the best in your field. I knew you were a real gent the first time I met you and you have changed my life for the better. May you have the best of success in everything you do. Many thanks – Marianne Gwillym – 10th May 2009

Maureen Colledge – Computer Aided Total Knee Replacement

Maureen Colledge

Dear Mr. Sampath, Just a big thank you for the care, attention + skill I received from you and your staff at the Fylde Coast Hospital. As a result of having both my knees operated on by Computer Assisted Knee Replacement Surgery Dec 2006 + March 2007 I am now free of pain + have full mobility for the first time in years, also two perfectly straight legs. I would not hesitate in recommending Mr Sampath to anyone who needs these operations. Yours Sincerely, Maureen Colledge St Annes, August 2007

Gaynor Waring – Computer Aided Total Knee Replacement

Gaynor Waring

Dear Mr. Sampath, It seems inadequate to merely say thank you to someone who has given me back my mobility and my life. After years of decreasing mobility and increasing pain my new knee has kick started my life into overdrive. Walking, dancing, bowling, cycling,- that’s the pleasure side- and even mundane things such as kneeling and climbing to do housework all are now possible without hesitation. My new knee, which is approaching its 1st birthday is simply part of me and even the scar has almost gone. So thank you once again Mr. Sampath for the wonderful job you have done. Sincerely, Gaynor Waring Lytham Sept 07

Robert Edwards – Computer Aided Total Knee Replacement

Dear Mr. Sampath, Nine years ago I was hobbling around with a walking stick due to arthritis. Nowadays after knee replacement, the second by computer aided surgery, performed by you Mr Sampath, I now play crown green bowls two or three times a week, I also go sequence dancing at least twice a week. I am so grateful for you skill and the experience of your team who have given me a new lease of life and mobility. Mr. Sampath I thank you. Yours sincerely, Robert Edwards – June 2007

Ian Mckecknie – Computer Aided Total Knee Replacement

Ian Mckecknie

To Mr. Shameem, I am writing to thank you for the way you have changed my life completely after undergoing computer assisted knee replacement surgery performed by you at Fylde Coast Hospital Blackpool. Left knee on Friday 16th March3007, + right knee two weeks later on Friday 30th March 2007. Before my operation I had been in pain for the last 20 years, and was unable to play golf regularly [THE LOVE OF MY LIFE] but now after 10 weeks, I am pain free in both knees and able to play golf 4/5 times weekly. I enclose a photograph of me on the golf course Yours sincerely, Ian Mckecknie

Mr D. Hughes Lytham – Computer Aided Total Knee Replacement

Dear Mr. Sampath, I am writing to thank you for the excellent result of my total knee replacement operation which you performed recently. After ten years of an ever increasing ache, a limp that became more and more pronounced, and being unable to make everyday movements without suffering agonising pain, I am now totally free of pain. I can now go up and down stairs with ease, do my own decorating and DIY without so much as a twinge and walk without a limp. Despite having gone through such an invasive procedure I can honestly say that from the moment I woke from the anaesthetic I was, and still am, totally pain free. I am so grateful for the care, attention and skill I received from you and your staff. Yours sincerely, Mr D. Hughes Lytham 2nd April 2007

Patricia Bell – Computer Aided Total Knee Replacement

Patricia Bell

Dear Mr Sampath I have had a long history of a painful left knee; initially I damaged the cartilage whilst working as a nurse and over many years arthritis has caused degeneration to the joint. Any-one who suffers from long-term arthritic pain understands how debilitating this is. It caused me many sleepless nights, also it would ‘lock’ for no reason or ‘give out’ causing me to fall on numerous occasions and generally began to dictate my lifestyle. I was no longer as reliable to help my husband and son on our dairy farm because ‘THE JOINT’ as I called it wouldn’t allow physical work without unpleasant discomfort, and walking for pleasure was a distant memory. The idea of needing a new joint filled me with trepidation. As they say, a little knowledge can be harmful, but I had heard about the computer aided surgery and thought that would be the route I would take when I couldn’t hack the pain any longer. Unfortunately in June last year I contracted viral meningitis and guess what, not only is that painful but it likes to attack your weak areas…oh, and was my knee joint weak! A concerned friend told me about Mr Sampath and his work and I duly spoke to my GP who arranged a Consultation. My first Consultation with Mr Sampath will remain a very profound memory; not only was he knowledgeable in his Specialist field but his compassion and kindness to me regarding my recent bout of meningitis, which had left me in rather poor health, was humbling. He offered my husband and me support which went above any thing you might hope to expect. I know of few consultants in this calibre. I underwent my Computer Aided knee replacement in October ’06. Within a week my arthritic pain had gone and following 6 weeks of physio I could flex my knee 90 degrees. Following approval and medical advice, in February ’07, my husband and I decided to go on a long awaited holiday to New Zealand; here we are stood on glacier above Queenstown; this time last year I would not have thought it possible. The combination of exercise and physio-care continues as it is only 5 months since the operation and I can now flex my knee to 100 degrees; I cannot Thank Mr Sampath enough for his dedication, kindness and humour! and the care received from his team at Fylde Coast Hospital. I will certainly recommend him to any-one who needs this treatment or any Orthopaedic care. I feel Mr Sampath’s skills have given me a new lease of life. Thank you. Patricia Bell

Sheila – Computer Aided Total Knee Replacement

Sheila Searson

Dear Shameem, I thought I would write you a quick note just to say many thanks for your expertise and assistance over the last 4-5 months. The freedom from pain and the mobility that I now experience every day has really brought me back in to life. Believe it or not I have just returned from a holiday in the Red Sea where I was able to go into the pool as well as stroll along the seafront in the evening. (I have enclosed a photograph that was taken on the terrace of the hotel. It must be about 14 weeks after my operation.) A new knee has meant a lot to me in terms of my level of activity and enjoyment of living. I hope that others will take encouragement from this story. It has turned out to be the beginning of a new chapter in my life. Best regards, Sheila 21th March 2007

John Barnes – Computer Aided Total Knee Replacement

John Barnes

To Mr. Sampath, I am writing this letter following the Total Knee Replacement surgery you carried out on November 19th 2005. At that time I was 64 years old. I own a Bonsai Nursery which demands a high level of physical activity. This includes tree lifting and transportation, carrying styled trees and mixing large quantities of compost. On top of this I manage, alone, more than half an acre of highly intensive gardening. Prior to the operation I “coped” with the work but suffered a great deal of pain in my damaged knee. I was very limited to the length of time I could work without a break. Since the operation everything has changed and I am now working at the level of ten years ago. Within 4 weeks of the operation I was dealing with customers, with some help, and within 6 weeks had re-opened the business and was carrying out a limited level of physical work. In May, five and a half months after surgery, I replaced a major part of my display staging. This consisted of 4 tons of concrete blocks and 75 lengths of timber each 12 ft. by 6ins, moved 60 yards to the display area. I spent two days erecting the new staging. Initially this involved re-sitting 200 potted bonsai, levelling the ground, building the staging and finally replacing the bonsai. That evening I was tired and my knees ached a little but a couple of glasses of wine soon rectified the problem. As you can see the operation you carried out has been highly beneficial. The success was helped by 6 months working at prescribed exercises for my leg muscles which meant after the operation the strength was there to help me quickly back to full mobility. I feel fortunate to have had your expertise, Mr Sampath and the care of the nurses and physios to put my mobility to where it was ten years ago. Once again, apart from enjoying my business, I have returned to limited walking in the Lake district. – John Barnes, highly satisfied customer

Robert Troy – Computer Aided Total Knee Replacement

Robert Troy

To Mr. Sampath, I cannot thank you enough for my Computer Aided Total Knee Replacement and all the care and attention you gave me. My other knee is giving me severe pain and cannot wait for you to replace it. I hope it will be very soon. Thanking you again, – Robert Troy

Steven Crabtree – Computer Aided Total Knee Replacement

I would like to tell you of my operation on my knee done by Mr Sampath. I have been in pain for over 20 years with my knee. After Mr Sampath replaced my knee 12 weeks ago I am now back at work. I am able to run the bar and do up to 8 hours at a time in the kitchen with only minor discomfort. I would like to thank Mr Sampath for his time and work to give me a better life. Thank you, Steven Crabtree. February 2007

Lynda Bond – Computer Aided Bilateral Total Knee Replacement

Lynda Bond

Dear Mr. Sampath, In November 2004 you diagnosed that I would require total knee replacements on both left and right knee joints, due to damage caused by Osteoarthritis. On Friday 13th May 2005 I had a total right knee replacement done, followed on Monday 28th November 2005 having the same Computer Aided Surgery performed by yourself on my left knee. I am now 12 weeks post op. on my second knee and although I still have some way to go with the exercises and walking, to get to “pre diagnosis” fitness, both my (our) knees are doing very well. The unbelievable relief of having no Arthritic pain in my knee joints is better than winning the Lottery. Thank you for your care, skill and expertise which has given me the ability to resume doing the things I enjoy and to get on with my life. I would not hesitate in recommending anyone who requires orthopaedic surgery to you as your informative, caring and professional approach towards your patients is beyond reproach. Yours Faithfully, – Lynda Bond

Janette Prior – Computer Aided Total Knee Replacement

Janette Prior

My name is Janette Prior, and after 56yrs of use & abuse, latterly in dog-showing and dinghy crewing, my right knee gave notice by becoming acutely painful and locking up. On a friend’s recommendation, I asked my GP for a referral to see Mr Sampath, who diagnosed osteoarthritis. In the course of his careful explanation, he made it clear that knee replacement was inevitable, but in the meanwhile that near normality could be regained with an arthroscopy operation. Despite the ominous portent of the news, Mr Sampath’s gentle enthusiasm for his subject and confident reassurance made it easier to accept. So it was – with a further 18 months of normal movement, until a wandering lump of arthritic debris jammed up the works again. A second arthroscopy proved less beneficial, and 6 months later Mr Sampath’s prediction on the need for a knee replacement became fact when the agony from bleeding into the joint necessitated two nocturnal visits to A & E in quick succession for pain relief. Mr Sampath carried out the procedure at the Fylde Coast BUPA Hospital on 16-March-2005 and thanks to his skill and the efficiency of the nursing & physiotherapy staff, I went home six days later. Having been given such a good start, it was made clear that the end result now depended on my following up with the necessary exercise regime. I feel that Mr Sampath inspires a sense of determination to get going again in all his patients, and for me, with 7 months since the operation, this has included a fortnight’s walking in Cyprus and a 7 mile round trip to the summit of Black Combe in the South Lakes. So on the basis of my personal experience, I can highly recommend the services of Mr Sampath to anyone suffering the misery of arthritis. Thanks very much Mr Sampath for giving me back my life. – Janette Prior

Dennis Drake

Dennis Drake

Here is a picture of me taken on holiday. “Spot the Replacement!”. I was very impressed with the treatment I received, and I soon returned to normal life, walking, driving, etc. I had the operation in May 2005, and was only in hospital for 7 days. Thank you once again for an excellent job! – Dennis Drake

Mrs. M. Salisbury – Computer Aided Total Knee Replacement

I am writing to thank Mr Sampath for giving me a better quality of life following my knee replacement operation. Previously my life was unbearable due to severe pain in both of my knees when walking or standing. The computer guided surgery was very successful. – Mrs. M. Salisbury North Wales

David Hall – Computer Aided Total Knee Replacement

David Hall

My name is David Hall. I am 64 years old and have recently had a full knee replacement; this was a computer-aided operation. I must admit, I was a bit concerned about the operation and its recovery period but I need not have been. The operation was carried out with great skill by Mr Sampath and has been a complete success – not only that, but the team of nurses and physiotherapist were the epitome of a very professional team. I am very grateful to have my mobility back to a degree I have not had for a very long time.

Jeff Rushworth – Computer Aided Total Knee Replacement

Jeff Rushworth

Forty five years ago I injured my left knee while serving in the Royal Navy. Subsequently, over the years, I had a great deal of trouble with my knee, resulting in cartilage and knee cap removal. In the year 2000, I was referred by my G.P. to Mr Sampath, Orthopaedic Consultant Surgeon at Blackpool Victoria Hospital. From that day, this Gentleman completely changed my life for the better. In 2001 he performed a total knee replacement on my left knee. In 2002 he performed a small operation on my right ankle, before referring me to Wrightington Orthopaedic Hospital for a total ankle replacement – this operation was carried out in February 2004. In November 2004, I started having trouble with my right knee. Again after seeing Mr Sampath at his clinic I was put on his list for yet another knee replacement. This operation was carried out in July, 2005. Using the latest computer technology, he successfully aligned my right knee with my new ankle and rebalanced the ligaments. Five weeks after this operation, I am able to walk with the aid of only one walking stick and no pain or locking up effect. I cannot speak highly enough of Mr Sampath. When I say that my quality of life has been improved by 200%, that is only a conservative estimate. In my opinion, not only is he a brilliant Surgeon but he is a Gentleman. Nothing is too much trouble for him, and he explains every detail of what has to be done. As you can see from what I have written, the results are second to none. To anyone having problems of an Orthopaedic nature, I, without hesitation, recommend that they consult Mr Sampath at the Fylde Coast Hospital Blackpool, and I am certain that they will not be disappointed with the results. On behalf of Myself and my Wife, I would like to say “Thank you Mr Sampath” for all the help you have given Me over the last four years. Without your skill and dedication, I would not be able to do the things I can now do. – Jeff Rushworth Thornton-Cleveleys 05.08.05

John Murphy – Computer Aided Total Knee Replacement

John Murphy

Dear Mr. Sampath, I am writing to thank you for what I consider a new lease of life after my recent operation for a Total Knee Replacement. Just over four years ago you performed an arthroscopy on my right knee and at that time you did warn me that I would in the future probably require a TKR. I had my consultation with you on 23-08-05 and you told me that the time had now arrived. A date was fixed for the operation to be carried out at the Fylde Coast Hospital on Friday 16th September 2005. You carried out the operation using the latest Bluespot computer aided techniques and to say that I am delighted with the result is an understatement. Two days after the operation I was walking with a frame and on the third day I graduated to elbow crutches. On the fifth day I was discharged from the hospital. In my wildest dreams I never imagined that in less than four weeks Post Op I would be walking as well as I am and looking forward to renewing my hobbies of golf and walking in the very near future. My leg is now perfectly straight and I have no pain at all when walking. I have no objections should you wish to display this letter on your WebSite. I have no reservations at all about recommending your expertise to anyone requiring a TKR. – John Murphy Poulton-le-Fylde October 2005

Kath Hughes – Computer Aided Total Knee Replacement

Kath Hughes

Dear Mr Sampath, Thank you once again for the wonderful job you did on my right knee. I feel like a new woman. I enclose a picture to show how I can now enjoy playing with my grandson Kayden. – Kath Hughes June 2008

Oxford Knee Replacements

David Baines – Oxford Knee Replacement

David Baines

Dear Mr Sampath, I would just like to tell you how delighted I am with my Oxford Knee Replacement. After years of pain I cannot believe that within two weeks of the operation I had almost full movement and within three weeks was playing a few holes of golf. I would recommend you to anyone. Thank you so much for my life back. Yours Sincerely – D H Baines Lytham St Annes

Lyons – Oxford Knee Replacement

Bill Lyons

I was in severe pain with my knee after an accident at work. After two arthroscopies I was told I would need a full knee replacement in a few years. Unhappy with this, I searched the Internet for another solution; it is here I found Mr Sampath’s web site. After a consultation with my GP, he referred me to Mr Sampath’s clinic, where after examination he told me a full knee replacement was unnecessary and a partial knee (Oxford knee) would be the solution I was looking for. After meeting Mr Sampath, I had complete confidence in him and within weeks had my operation. This surgery gave me a new lease of life. I haven’t had any pain since the operation and I am able to do all things I love like golfing and swimming. I would recommend Mr Sampath to anybody! – Bill Lyons

Total Hip Replacements

Barbara Hancock – Total Hip Replacement

Barbara Hancock

Mobility is something most of us take for granted – I did. I loved to walk and go hiking and of course traveling – until I developed hip pain. It got so severe – I couldn’t even walk to the shop. Everything changed when I had a Total Hip Replacement operation by consultant Mr S. Sampath – suddenly no more pain: it does of course take time to get completely mobile. The best of all news – no more pain – and you can walk again. – Barbara Hancock May 9th 2005

Marilyn Howarth – Bilateral Total Hip Replacements

Mobility is something that we take for granted, and do not appreciate. At the age of 52, over time my hip pain became so severe that I could not even go down a step into the garden, and was not mobile within my home. I could not stand up straight as the pain in my hips made me stoop to ease the pain. After being so active I found this very distressing to not be able to do the most simple tasks. However, under the excellent, professional care of MrSampath I could see light at the end of the tunnel, along with his genuine and reassuring manner I could see that with his help and expertise I would eventually walk again unaided. MrSampath reassured me that after having two hip replacements I would regain my mobility, and have a better quality of life, which in itself was a wonderful thought. Three months after my hip replacements I am recovering my mobility successfully, can stand up straight, and feeling pain free and like a new woman! You cannot describe the relief and wonderful feeling this gives you. I, (and my family) want to thank MrSampath wholeheartedly for all he has done for me. His surgical ability is second to none. – Marilyn Howarth 22/04/06