Mr. Sampath

Bluespot Triathlon Relay Success!

James Taylor, a patient of the Bluespot knee Clinic, has completed an astonishing challenge as part of a ultra-triathlon relay. He ran half a marathon, swam 7km across the English Channel and then cycled 50km as his team completed the Enduro Challenge from London to Paris.

James is 26 years old and in November 2010 had a complete tear of his right ACL whilst playing football. Wanting to make a full recovery, James sought the specialist help of Mr Sampath, and in February of 2011 had an arthroscopy of his knee, followed by a Computer Aided Double Bundle ACL reconstruction in May 2011.

James made a strong recovery and as a keen athlete was eager to have something to work his rehabilitation towards. Having found out about the London-Paris triathlon he consulted Mr. Sampath about the possibility of doing it, barely 15 months after his operation. Having seen James’ progress Mr. Sampath was satisfied he was able to undertake the challenge, allowing them to raise money for the sustainable transport charity Sustrans.

James had this to say:

“We were racing against five other big corporate teams, and managed an impressive bronze medal position. All sorts of drama unfolded along the way for the other teams, with punctures, van breakdowns and hospitalisations, but team Bluespot maintained their reliability, also rescuing members of the other teams along the way (would the bankers have repaid the favour…?). To date we have raised over £5000 for our chosen charity Sustrans.

Sustrans do great work on improving conditions for runners and cyclists, so we thought it would be fitting to complete a challenge like this to raise awareness and funds for them. Having gone through the experience of jeopardising my mobility by injuring my knee, I now value the ability of human power much more, and that gave me the motivation to complete this London-Paris triathlon challenge. Thank you Bluespot so much for your support!”